Great reasons to join Peninsula Seniors

You Belong

Belonging to a group naturally brings a sense of purpose and well-being. By socializing with others at Peninsula Seniors you’ll cultivate new friendships and discover yourself doing something meaningful together and creating lasting bonds.

Purposeful Living

Being around other people, especially if you’re doing something fun or rewarding, helps us all keep a positive outlook on life. If you’re lonely, or feeling a bit depressed, activities and interactions affirm that you are both needed and wanted. Peninsula Seniors is your place to go, with something to do, with people you care about.

Contribute to the Community

You’ll find new ways to contribute friends, family and neighbors at Peninsula Seniors. Show off your skills, and even learn some new ones. Here, it’s always fun and rewarding.

Enjoy Improved Health

It starts with simply having great conversations and doing things that you love. That gets your endorphins and other wellness chemicals flowing through your body. After that you can join one of our muscle building or yoga classes to tone up and get stronger.

Stay Sharp

Staying social is a key to keeping the brain active and healthy. Continue learning, observing and responding to the world. Conversation and activity are great for exercising the mind.


Being around others you care about, and who care about you, creates reasons to stay well and fosters a positive state of mind. No matter what our age, we are more likely to keep ourselves well if we have people holding us accountable. We are less likely to develop habits of declining well-being if we are around others we care about.

Basic; Individual: $60 Couple: $100

  • Newsletter
  • Email Notices
  • Educational Programs and Classes
  • Discounted tickets to cultural events, day trips

Silver: $200


  • Basic Member Benefits
  • Recognition in Connections
  • 1 Set of Vouchers
  • $5 Travel Voucher

Gold: $300


  • Basic Member Benefits
  • Recognition in Connections
  • 2 Sets of Vouchers
  • $10 Travel Voucher

Platinum: $500


  • Basic Member Benefits
  • Recognition in Connections
  • 3 Sets of Vouchers
  • $15 Travel Voucher
  • Attend Anniversary Party and Private Reception as our guest

Diamond (Lifetime): $5000

  • One-time donation
  • Basic Member Benefits
  • 4 Sets of Vouchers
  • $20 Travel Voucher
  • Attend Anniversary Party and Private Reception as our guest
  • Participate in all regularly scheduled on-site activities at no cost

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